Aluminum Prop


Dekon Aluminum Slab Props is an ingenious heavy duty shoring system.It is designed for the support of slab table system. Engineered with high strength aluminum and solid structure, the tested capacity is up to 100KN per leg.

Typical Prop 350 weighs only 21kg with adjustment length from 1.95-3.5m. 90% of standard operation in construction can be covered.

Features and Benefits

* Light Weight and Great Strength

Comparing with steel slab props, the aluminium slab prop carries significantly higher loads whilst, at the same time, has a very low dead weight. 

* Simple Adjustment

The built-in measuring tape on the inner tube shows the complete prop length

* Fast and Efficient Operation

Thanks to the great strength and light weight, it requires much less props and less labor at sites and less erection time,thus immensely increasing job efficiency and reducing labor cost.


Technical Details

* Aluminum Slab Props are powder coated for better rustproof and longer service life.

* Manufactured with specifically designed aluminum structure and super high 

  material grade ensures great capacity and durability

* Load capacity tested up to 100KN per leg

* Available Prop lengths: 2.50 m | 3.50 m | 4.80 m | 6.25 m

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