Dekon Aluminum single pole ladders are made of high strength aluminum alloy. The side rails are extra heavy duty I-beam rails and the aluminum D rungs are slip resistant for maximum safety and comfort.It comes in various lengths from 2.4m ~6m. Customized lengths can be acceptable.

Our Single Pole Ladders provide easy access to mid-range heights. These ladders can be used for reaching windows, cleaning gutters or any medium height requirement

Technical Details

Item No.Product   DescriptionSize(mm)
AL24 Aluminum Single Pole Ladder 2.4m385x2400
AL30Aluminum Single Pole   Ladder 3m385x3000
AL33Aluminum Single Pole   Ladder 3.3m 385x3300
AL36Aluminum Single Pole   Ladder 3.6m 385x2600
AL42Aluminum Single Pole   Ladder 4.2m 385x4200
AL48Aluminum Single Pole   Ladder 4.8m 385x4800
AL54Aluminum Single Pole   Ladder 5.4m 385x5400
AL60Aluminum Single Pole   Ladder 6.0m 385x6000

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