12K Frame Shoring


12K Aluminum Shoring Frame System | Light Weight, Durable and Versatile

12K Aluminum Shoring Frame is primarily a hand-set system. Engineered with high-strength aluminum and solid configuration, the tested capacity is up to 11,000kg(24,000 lbs) per frame with a safety factor of 2.5:1. It can be easily handled by single workers or operated with cranes as flying systems. 

Increased Productivity

12K Aluminum Shoring System comes with an easy-to-handle design to complement its light weight. Often this means that one person is able to do work that would require two or more if working with steel or wood. Setting the frame with a crane or hand-setting it are both available options.

High Durability

Aluminum frames resist damage. They are re-usable and, in spite of being assembled and reassembled many times, they experience less on-site damage as workers find them easy to handle.

Highly Versatile

12k Shoring Frame will adapt to slopes or steps, whether they are at the top or bottom – or both at the same time. Swivel screw jacks eliminate wedging. Almost any condition can be mastered using combinations of screw jacks, base plates, and extension tubes. The adjustability of the system is the contractor’s assurance that the project will proceed on schedule.

Low Maintenance and Reduced Handling Costs

12K Shoring Frames are almost completely maintenance free. They are damage resistant, do not rust, and never require painting – increasing their overall service life. Lighter weight means less inventory, which leads to lower storage, transportation, and handling costs.

Technical Details

No more than 1/3 the weight of the comparable load-bearing steel frame.

Capacity Tested to safe working load up to 106.8 kN (24,000 lbs) per frame with a safety factor of 2.5:1.

4’, 5’ , 6’& 8' high frames accommodate most all shoring heights

The 1.8m x 1.2m (6’ by 4’) frame weighs 16 kgs (35 lbs)

Snap-on locks make erection and dismantling fast, easy, and safe.

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