C60 Crab Shoring


C60 Crab Shoring System | Robust, Efficient and Versatile

C60 Crab Shoring is a heavy duty modular shoring system. The robust design is made from high strength steel with capacity tested up to 70KN per triangle frame with a safety factor of 2:1.  However, its real strength lies in the versatility. From heavy lifting towers to bracing for excavations and shoring for bridges, it can be configured for a huge vaviety of applications.

Features and Benefits

*With a wide range of horizontal struts and diagonal brace sizes, enabling virtually any shoring configuration to suit structure shoring needs

*High load capacity, resulting in the great reductions of equipment, labour cost, foundation preparation and primary soffit bearers.

*Galvanized finish to eliminate corrosion, minimise maintenance, ensuring durability and increasing lifespan integrity of system

*Easy to assemble and rapid wedge connection detail enabling installation productivity up to 100m3 per man per day

*Provides flexibility with wide range of accessories, enabling it to be set up as tableforms for slab support on multi-storey construction

*Extremely versatile and compatible to all equipment or clients’ primary soffit bearers

Technical Details

* Principal Components: Triangle frame,Standard Post, Strut, Diagonal Brace, Base Jack & U-Head Jack

* Triangle frames available in 0.75x1.5m, 1.0x0.7m and 1.0x1.5m. 

* Standard Post length comes with 1.0m, 1.5m and 2.0m.

* Made from high strength steel with tubing diamater 60mm, Capacity tested up to 70KN per triangle frame. 

* With its versatile structure and high load capacity, this profitable system is widely applied on a variety of civil engineering and building work. Ideally suitable for supporting both large slabs and precast units.

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