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FASTDECK – A longstanding soffit formwork system in the market. It has been reputed for great simplicity and excellent strength while remaining handy and lightweighted.

The Fastdeck system has just two basic parts-panels and props. The panel size of 1.8m x 1.8m ensures the rapid assembly and dismantling of large slab areas,  this offers increased productivity and reduced pour cycles when compared to conventional slab formwork systems.All Fastdeck panels can be erected and dismantled easily by two workers on the ground. Panel erection is as simple as 'hook the panels on, push it up and prop it'.Stripping is carried out with the reverse procedure.

Easy and Simple to use

Only two basic parts make one complete system. Even Fastdeck novices can handle it effortlessly.

Fast forming

Simple and systematic erection sequence 'hook the panels on, push it up and prop it'.Reverse the sequence for Stripping.

Panel size 1.8x1.8m can easily complete forming area of 3.24m2.

Easy cleaning

All panels are powder coated with phenolic film faced birch plywood. The complete Fastdeck system is designed for tight fitness. Joints are very small. The edge profile has only 1.5cm narrow functional edge in contact with the concrete. It means only 0.05m2 of cleaning area per m2 of shuttering.

Cost effective

For any jobsite, average panels weigh only 32kg/m2. It is the lightest system in the industry. Light weight and easy to handle maximumly accelerates the job efficiency, labor saving and capital return.

Technical Details

Panel frame made of high-strength aluminum alloy to provide best capacity.

Form face with phenolic filmed Birch Plywood. It increases times of reuses and guarantees a neat concrete finish after pouring.

Fastdeck system consists only of two basic components - prop and panel. panel and prop.

Mostly used panel sizes are 1.8x1.8m, 1.8x0.9m and 0.9x0.9m.Other panels sizes are also available.

Adjustment panels with laterally telescopic frames can be used to close gaps on the edge.

Adjustment beams and head support accessories are used for in-fill around columns and unusual fill areas.

Shuttering around columns and other obstacles can be achieved with adjustment beams and transverse beams-without extra props or suspensions.

Fastdeck is capable of heights up to 5.7m and a slab depth of 400mm.

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