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Frame Scaffold Systems | Various Designs,Modular Structures and Excellent Quality

Dekon Scaffold is designed and manufactured to meet the rigorous standards contractors and builders demand. We have a huge assortment of Mason, Walk-Thru, Ladder, and Narrow frames suitable for any job.

Frames easily stack vertically and connect horizontally to fit your application. Accessories such as wheels and leveling jacks allow you to build your scaffolding on a multitude of terrains and on unlevel surfaces.


* Fast erection and dismantle.Easy to operate

* Large selection of frame types to meet all sorts of jobs

* Various frame design and full range of accessories to meet with your existing inventory

* Powder Coated surface makes for corrosion resistant and easy maintenance

* Stringent quality management ensures excellent quality and safety at jobsites

Technical Details

* Principal Components: Scaffold frames, cross braces, base jacks, wheels, planks and guardrails

* Frames available in walk-thru frames, ladder frames, mason frames, narrow frames and canopy frames etc.

* Exterior frame leg tubing utilizes 1.625” O.D. quality to ensure best strength

* Cross Braces available in anguluar cross brace and tubular

* Steel Planks, Aluminum Catwalks, Aluminum Ply Planks are all available to suit your specific requirements.

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