Steel Ringlock


Dekon Ringlock Scaffolding | Fast and Versatile Modular Scaffold

Dekon Ringlock is a modular system scaffold which enables users to quickly and efficiently erect, use and dismantle temporary work structures.It is ideal for demanding scaffolding applications and where conventional scaffolding technology cannot be used optimally and economically.

Our Ringlock Scaffolding is built to be the most reliable and efficient scaffolding. Our  standards and ledgers are made from high-strength tube and are hot dip galvanized, making them long-lasting and durable. Standards have rosettes placed at every 0.5m and accept up to 8 connecting additional standards as the scaffolding is built.

Rapid Assembly- Up to 8 conections at various angles in one plane enables fast assembly in different directions.

Versatile- Its unique connection technology and unparalled assembly speed makes it a optimum choice for all scaffolding and access projects, whether it is commercial, industrial or residential.

Safety- Aside from its stable configuration and self-lock design, we are commited to safety in every step of  the scaffold manufacturing process.

Technical Details

* For its variability and rigidity,Ringlock Scaffolding is widely applied for various construction purposes,   

  whether it is industrial or commercial.It can be built in all sizes and heights. 

* Its wedge lock system offers an ideal and safe connection between standards, ledgers and diagonal braces.

* Principal components:standards, ledgers, diagonals,stairs,guardrails,platforms,screwjacks and toeboards.

* Standards have rosettes placed at every 0.5m and accept up to 8 connecting additional standards as the 

  scaffolding is built

* Ringlock Scaffolding is  mainly made from Steel Grade S355(Q345) or S235(Q235)with tubing diamater 48mm.

  For heavy duty shoring purpose, tubing diameter 60mm can be an option to greatly enhance load bearing capacity.

* Permissible loads:2.00 KN/m²for each level of platform

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